Phase I: Initial launch πŸš€

This phase is all about getting a leading Smart Yield Optimizer of Avalanche users.
  • Community: A superb, productive and engaged community.
  • Partnership: Listing PLT on Yield Farms & Generating initial Liquidity
  • Token Audit: HashEx
  • Native Farms: PLT Staking, and Liquidity providing
  • Non-Native pools: 5 Liquidity pools

Phase II: Foundational work πŸ› 

Now that the initial launch was a success, we are laying the foundation for this project to jump to the next level. Once we have this foundation established, we can set our focus toward building the future of Smart Yield Optimizing on Avalanche.
  • Full Audit: Vaults & Other smart contracts audit
  • Harvesting Schedule: Slowly Transition into lower time-frame bot harvests based on TVL
  • Non-Native Pools: Introduction of variety of 100+ community chosen pools
  • Liquidity Boost Vaults: Partner with farms that operate with farm boosting through the time-locking of their token

Phase III: Extra features πŸŽβ€‹

  • inPLT: Introducing Time-locked Staking of PLT
  • Multi-chain: Introduction of more Networks
  • DAO: Allow PLT stakers to make decisions that will affect the platform
  • NFT: Partnership with NFT's that will add value to platform & burn $PLT
  • Bridge: Integrate bridges into our platform for smoothless transition of funds between Plateau's multiple chains
  • Oracle: Integrate Oracle for price feeds
  • Index Fund: Introducing a Never seen before Crypto Index Fund