PLT enables users to effectively become a shareholder in the Plateau Finance platform and receive a distribution equal to 50% of our platform harvest fee. Allowing users to earn rewards that grow directly along side us with our TVL.
PLT is designed to be deflationary, offering a competitive variable passive burn rate fee of 1%, and a 1% fee used to form PLT-AVAX. This allows users to gain value from passively holding the token as well as keeping slippage between the platform's main pairs reasonably low.
  • Protocol Token
  • Variable fee engineered to create deflationary pressure (1% Burn)
  • 1% of Transaction Fees is transformed into LP tokens (PLT-AVAX LP) and locked indefinitely in the Ecosystem Fund to ensure slippage is kept to a minimum.
  • Stake PLT to earn more PLT via the Plateau fee batch mechanic equal to 50% of the platforms Harvest Fee, distributed in the $PLT staking pool.
  • 12.5% of the platforms Harvest Fee will be used to create PLT-AVAX LP tokens and rewarded to PLT-PLT-AVAX Stakers
  • PLT-PLT, will be provided to the individual staking $PLT as a representation of their share in the pool.
  • PLT-PLT token holders will have voting power when the DAO is implemented.
  • Holding PLT-PLT makes you eligible for partner airdrops.


  • Represents proportion of given Liquidity Pool
  • $PLT-LP tokens are named by their Provider-Underlying assets.
  • $PLT-LP tokens can be used to farm $PLT


  • Time-locked Staked PLT
  • Earned through time locking PLT
  • Provide boost on selected farms
  • Suitable for long-term holders
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